Zaid Untuk Rakyat

Ikutilah kempen Datuk Zaid Ibrahim untuk

Pilihan Raya kecil kerusi Parlimen Hulu Selangor di


Follow Datuk Zaid Ibrahim’s campaign for

the Hulu Selangor parliamentary by-election at

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8 Comments on “Zaid Untuk Rakyat”

  1. bigjoe99 Says:

    Going down to the wire, the strategy of BN is kind of curious. I had expected Najib to come in and literally just buy the election with announcement of massive money. BN is behind in fact although we cannot discount cheating making up for it.

    With Nik Aziz and Anwar around, no way Najib can turn the campaign around with orating and debate. But he is starting off with defensive and trying to improve the negative campaigning.

    Its not completely unexpected and consistent with his basically more-spin-than-real leadership. Its kind of dissapointing really.

    In the event that Najib turns on the money tap. Anwar and Nik Aziz will have to come in big time. For Zaid, the best strategy is to remind voters they are voting for Kamal-Alan-Nathan and not Najib – Najib is here because they knows the candidate in trouble. The problem is there so many places like Hulu Selangor that needs attention. Najib will be gone after this election to the next one in Sibu and they are stuck with Kamal-Alan-Nathan.

  2. bigjoe99 Says:

    It appears that Mahathir just called you out. He is showing up in Hulu Selangor. Don’t make this about you and him. If I were you, talk about how Najib still is under Mahathir’s thumb – what reform, what NEM, what 1Malaysia?

  3. fair2 Says:

    Dear Datuk Zaid , please do not be disheartened or discouraged by your loss in HS.
    You would have won the by-election if BN didn’t bribe the voters and used dirty tactics.

    Remember Khalid Ibrahim, the current MB for Selangor lost too in Ijok by-election in 2007.

    You can do it comes 13th GE.


  4. perakborn Says:

    No you did not lose. They cheated. But we will fight on and many are behind you. We have to save this country from these ravaging wolves. Lawan tetap lawan.

  5. bigjoe99 Says:

    I am not going to minced word. As dirty as it was, it was not unexpected. This is a DISASTER. There are many many areas that are harder to win than Hulu Selangor. PR has made progress since the last 3/08 but its not enough to beat the cheating and resources at its disposal. You can argue that they can do the same thing in every place like they do in Hulu Selangor. BUT PR have few, frankly only one, Zaid Ibrahim.

    No, it all depends on the educated class in this country. They either leave or they must stake more into this country. My bet is that many, regardless of race and religion will leave and it won’t take long. In the next two years at least a few hundred thousand will leave. Not fast enough to affect GE 13 which could be 12-24 months from now maybe even less.

    The issue is can PR hold together that long? Its not that easy. The top leadership must get together and form a plan to recruit talent and hold their teams together. Worst, they have to think of succession particularly in PAS. Many of those who will leave think PR can’t hold together basically. If PR breaks up, the exodus will be even bigger and this country will go down the toilet literally.

  6. dukuhead69 Says:

    chin up and fight on, Datuk. the main battle is in the next general elections.

  7. zeqzeq Says:

    selamat berbakti di Selagor

  8. bigjoe99 Says:

    At first, I was hesistant to make a comment on your most recent announccement of ‘get to know your BN rep’ campaign but decided that its still worth it.

    While there is nothing specifically wrong with the idea and principle, my problem with it is that its not smart, not brilliant and right now, the party and your supporters need you to be smart and brilliant.

    Compare this idea to deciding whether to go highly negative against BN during the Hulu Selangor campaign, the smart thing would have been the latter, distasteful it may sound – that is the reality of politics especially in this country. Anwar did that to a certain extent and I admire his practicality no matter how much it raised issues about his negatives.

    By all means, I am not saying not to pursue your idea but recognise that the most urgent problem remain to recruit talent for your party because there is just too much for you and people like you to do and to deal with differences with those within PKR and PR that have issues with you and people like you. It cannot be left to Anwar to recruit talent and deal with those conflicts. Come GE 13, if there are many Zaid Ibrahim clones within PR, the problems will all be solved. Failing which the target has a big chance of being unreachable.

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