Zaid Ibrahim

Datuk Mohd Zaid Ibrahim merupakan seorang peguam terkenal dan bekas Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri Malaysia setelah dilantik sebagai Senator oleh bekas Perdana Menteri Malaysia, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Zaid Ibrahim dilahirkan di Kota Bharu, Kelantan pada 10 April 1951. Zaid mendapat pendidikan awal di Sekolah Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Ipoh dan seterusnya menyambung pelajaran di University of London, England dalam bidang Perundangan.

15 Comments on “Zaid Ibrahim”

  1. Judge Dredd Says:

    Salam Dato Zaid,
    Great to have you in the Blogosphere, sharing your thoughts with us.

    Joseph Dredd.

  2. D.Zin Says:

    The name of your blog is Myzaidibrahim and sincerely I do not know whether this is the Datuk Zaid x Minister of Law who resigned when 3 people were detained under ISA. I have no choice but to assume that this blog is yours mainly because Joseph Dredd said so. I hope you will update your profile and great to know that we can read your thoughts/opinions in Blogosphere. I have been in contact with Dr Bakri Musa and several others on both sides of the aisle. We first met in ITM (the mamateria chapati was good, right?) and several years ago via Article 11.

    Post May 13, we were the FGBB (First Generation Bumiputra Businessman) and now it’s “payback” time.


  3. W.Ang Says:

    Hello Dato Zaid,
    Personally I only read about you from the news or thru blogs.

    I can only say there are very few good men around and you are one of them. People who can speak the truth with a clear conscience. People like you speak without fear or favour.

    I sincerely congratulate you for starting your blogs and in Bahasa Malaysia is definitely a plus point.


  4. chewe for justice Says:

    Great that you have your own blog to share your ideas and thoughts.

  5. RajaChulan Says:


    Please get on to work with the Malay masses immediately.
    They are all being brain washed by the corrupt UMNO to serve their own self interest.

    Malays are capable. They can succeed. No need for UMNO to spoon feed (corrupt) them and make use of them. In the long run, Malays will be weak and not capable and will have to depend on UMNO for everything.
    After 30 years, this is already showing.

    Merit, Merit and Merit is what the Malays should aim for and I am confident they are not inferior nor a lesser race compared with any other. Dont listen to UMNO or Dr. Mahathir. They are penghianat bangsa Melayu.
    “Melayu harus bebaskan diri daripada UMNO sebelum terlambat!”

    Raja chulan.

  6. Jason Loo Says:

    Well done and keep it up. We support u.

  7. Amizain Says:

    Congrates Datuk.

  8. Datuk seorang peguam berpengalaman, apa kata Datuk ulas kes Zambry-Nizar?

  9. welcome datuk . it is nice that there are people like you, bakri musa , raja petra , din merican tunku aziz and several others in the blogosphere, to stand up against that ” idiotic blogger ” cik det , who thinks he did this country AND ITS MALAY COMMUNITY a big favour by introducing ” ketuanan melayu “.

    it is quite apparent that the judiciary in malaysia is no longer a malaysian judiciary. it is actually a malay judiciary. the appelate courts decision making datuk CAMRY the menteri besar testify’s to this . i am sure you will realise that THAT DECISION WAS A TYPICAL DECISION YOU CAN ONLY EXPECT FROM A MALAY JUDICIARY. from the decision one can discern ALL THE WEAKNESSES OF THE MALAY – HYPOCRISY , MENTAL WEAKNESS AND WEAKNESS IN THINKING ABILITY, CULTURAL FLAWS, THE CORRUPT , INSULAR AND FEUDAL NATURE OF THE MALAY MIND , PAROCHIALISM, AN INABILITY TO SEPARATE RIGHT FROM WRONG AND ABOVE ALL A NEED TO PROTECT THE MALAY INTERESTS BY USING FORCE AND INSTILLING FEAR.

    it was a sad day for malaysia and malaysians. however, your entry into the blogosphere helps shed some light on this sadness and darkness that seems the MALAY WAY. the use of darkness and the need to keep the malay in darkness seems to be dr. mahathirs and the modern day UMNO’S way too.

    but with people like you , din merican , raja petra , tunku aziz , bakri musa and others malays of like mind , i am sure the malays will gradually be enlightened and be led out of the darkness that modern umno and dr mahathir is keeping them in , into the light that will make the malay community confident , strong and vibrant without the use of fear and darkness.

    from amongst you , datuk zaid , i foresee a MOSES like figure emerging , to lead the malay community away from the darkness and into the light and at the same time bury dr mahathir and his ilk in modern umno and maybe bury modern umno itself in the depths of the antartica .

    having said that datuk zaid , welcome again to blogosphere , and i look forward to sharing some of my ideas and thoughts with you in this space that you have created.

    terima kasih

    marissa apadurai

  10. Gan Yee Chin Says:

    Zaid, u r d second politician i respect most. the 1st is Anwar. Congratulation for your new blog.

  11. amal Says:

    dear datuk,
    i look forward to reading your views 🙂

    welcome to the blogging world….

  12. mohta Says:

    Salam sejastra, Tahniah atas bog. baru. Datuk telah berada dalam kerajaan paklah, sebab pendirian datuk adalah tegas, datuk meletakkan jawatan sebagai menteri, setelah undang isa di gunakan lagi. Saya yakin datuk setiap perjuangan utk menegakkan kesucian dan kebaikan utk umat, inshahallah akan berjaya, bukan shj dunia bahkan di akhirat. Di kelangan pemimpin pakatan rakyat telah memboktikan mereka telah mulai menampakan bunga perjuangan. walaupun dgn cobaan yg cukup menyeksakan, seperti di tahan polis, fitnah dan sebagainya. Teruskan perjuangan menegak keadilan sejati. Wasalam.

  13. hakimihussin Says:

    tahniah atas blog datuk. saya baru baca buku datuk “saya pun melayu”. sbuah buku yang begitu menarik dan terbuka. sy kagum dgn pemikiran dan prinsip datuk. teruskan perjuangan.

  14. Salam Datuk.

    Boleh saya dapatkan e-mail Datuk?
    Saya sedang dalam perancangan untuk menubuhkan satu Organisasi Bukan Kerajaan yang saya bercadang untuk menamakannya sebagai Persatuan Revolusioner Belia (REBEL).

    Sekarang saya dengan teman-teman dalam proses brainstorming, oleh itu saya ingin memintak pendapat dan tunjuk ajar daripada Datuk Zaid..

    Sekian terima kasih.


  15. malaysiasms Says:

    Dato Zaid,

    You are one of the few people of integrity that we admire. We are proud of your honest and genuine attitude. This nation needs more people like you.

    Thank You.

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